Why Carnival?

Interview with Jose Velasquez:

  1. Workplace environments, benefits, and company culture vary from company to company, what was your deciding factor in choosing Carnival again?

Carnival values the diversity of people and thought. By maintaining a diverse workforce, Carnival is promoting an open, tolerant and positive work environment where everyone’s different talents and strengths are appreciated, utilized and that definitely makes Carnival an attractive and motivational place to work and that is mainly my deciding factor in choosing Carnival again.

  1. In regards to culture, how do you and the organization align?

One of the things that I have recorded in my mind is the amount of trainings that I had since I joined Carnival (and this was back in 2002, my very first contract): trainings in customer service, security, business, safety and values are so generic that I have used them in my personal life and that is why I am very proud to say that Carnival not only trained me to do my job up to standard, but Carnival gave me a “life training.” This is knowledge that I utilized to run a successful business back home in Peru. I always held a high regard and fondness for Carnival and it was always the place I belonged to.


  1. What distinguishing principle must a company have for you to want to be a part of?

Respect: respect for rules, respect for co-workers

Praise and recognition

Practice of kindness, courtesy and politeness


The most important: opportunities to grow and develop.


Interview with Denver Donaldson:

  1. Workplace environments, benefits, and company culture vary from company to company, what was your deciding factor in choosing Carnival again?

When first given the offer to join Royal Caribbean I admit that I was very excited to start a new journey with a new company. My initial impressions were WOW as their brand and product are truly next level. Internally, the organization wasn’t as structured as Carnival Corporation, but I didn’t care as I was happy with my new and exciting surroundings. As time passed, however, the new shine wore off and I started to realize that many of the things that I took for granted about Carnival were things that were important for me to be happy in my job: recognition, opportunity, understanding.


  1. How do you perceive your opportunities at GCO in terms of growth?

Global Casino Operations has built and grown the casino department into a central position within the Carnival Corporation which, in my experience, no other company has been successfully able to do. Having the casino placed in such a prominent position provides not just opportunities for career development but support that the other companies cannot compete with.


  1. Would you consider Carnival Corporation & plc an employer of choice? Why?

Each cruise line has its own list of pros & cons, Carnival is no exception to this. Make no mistake, I have worked just as hard at Royal as I have at Carnival, albeit in different capacities, but just as hard. The difference being that Carnival was most successful in recognizing that work and aligning compensation accordingly. If you have ambitions and dreams and are willing to work hard for them Carnival provided the highest chance at success.