Truly Outstanding Performer Awards Ceremony


Mentor of the Year: Roy Lising

Pictured(L-R): Marty Goldman, Roy Lising


Team of the Year: Carnival Luminosa Team

Pictured(L-R): Thomas Davidson, Carlos Gabriel, Dan Bacay, Chris Warman


Guest Service Champion: Rodney Rambau

Pictured(L-R): Rodney Rambau, Gale Gorton


Innovator of the Year: Mark Tanarte

Pictured(L-R): Jaque Poirier, Mark Tanarte


T.O.P. Awards winners at the Miami offices


T.O.P. Awards Winner’s and their guests on a tour of Carnival’s Fleet Operations Center


Winners at the T.O.P. Awards luncheon at Miami offices


T.O.P. Awards winners and their guests enjoying a food tour in Little Havana


T.O.P. Awards winners and their guests touring Little Havana


Congratulations again to all of our T.O.P. Awards winners!