Team Leader of the Month – Alois

Team Leader of the Month – May

Alois Zveushe, Casino Manager, Carnival Breeze

Alois is always welcoming and shows true respect for others by making everyone feel valued, guests and team members alike. He is always approachable and friendly and truly lives out the Carnival Values. He coordinates and communicates well with the team and others involved in the operation. He is very confident leader and owns the tasks at hand. Using his professionalism and hospitality skills, he ensures guests and team needs are met and taken care of. Alois promotes inclusion, respect for others, open-mindedness, cultural competence, kindness, and empathy. He is an empowering leader who fully supports the team and other departments by giving them the assistance needed to be effective and contributes to the overall operation. He is always helpful and aiming for guest’s satisfaction. He shows care by listening and responding to our team members and guests in need by providing value and going the extra mile on every occasion. He coordinates and communicates well with the team and others involved in the operation. He is always open for the suggestions and willing to accommodate any changes needed for the operation or the guest’s experience. He sets the example on how to deliver the most memorable, special, enjoyable, and worthwhile overall cruise experience. He is dedicated and gives his full attention to the guests during the interactions related to Casino or any other information that guests might need. He lives and shares his positive attitude and develops a prevailing workplace environment. He is happy by nature, and he makes others feel good and creates a positive atmosphere of trust and kindness with both the team members and guests. Alois is a great leader that includes the team in the mission planning process and inspires them to collectively find the path to achieve the vision, revenue, and company goals.