Rising Above – Vinayak Naik Dessai

Vinayak Naik Dessai


My adventure with Carnival began in mid-2002 as a Trainee General Cashier. I find great satisfaction and excitement in being a part of technological changes that bring improvements to our operation and team. Having the full support of my teammates and GCO leadership, I feel empowered to contribute my skills and knowledge to the deployment of new technologies. My involvement in deploying CMAS, SURF, EVERI Kiosk, BetMGM Sports betting, and APEX Secure Inventory has been beneficial to our efforts to keep pace with the latest technologies. These innovative projects have played a significant role in enhancing our operational efficiency, productivity, and guest experience.

During the early stages of my career as a General Cashier, Neil Paulin served as a mentor who provided me with motivation and encouragement while undergoing training for the position of Cage Manager. Following this, Chris Warman played an integral role in my transition from Cage Manager to ACM by extending his unwavering support. Working alongside Chris on Liberty and Glory proved to be an invaluable experience that allowed me to acquire knowledge across all aspects of the business, develop new skill sets, and envision promising career prospects. Andrew Dedels has brought a new positive change in my career, something that I have always been looking forward to. In the past three years, Andrew has been instrumental in providing me with the necessary motivation to learn about new developments that enhance my work, our business, as well as the workload of the shipboard teams.

I would also like to express my sincerest appreciation to the following individuals for their invaluable contributions to my professional development. Firstly, Sarvajeet Singh, whose expertise in slot operations generously shared with me during our time on Carnival Holiday. Additionally, Petr Bajer has provided me with comprehensive training in Dice during our tenure on Carnival Liberty. I am also grateful to Graham Macaulay for his provision of SURF training. Boris Fazlijoski’s introduction to the EVERI Kiosk, and Ovi David for sharing his valuable expertise of BetMGM Sports betting.

Thanks to my employment with GCO, my childhood hobby of collecting currency was re-ignited and now my collection has expanded to include a banknote from each country in the world.