Rising Above Tudor Stiop

Tudor Stiop

Casino Manager

My first day on the ship was February 12, 2011. This is actually my birthday as well. So, I have been a part of the GCO Team for 12 years now. I feel empowered by the support of the leadership, both onboard and shoreside, and by the teams I have had the pleasure and honor working with. I would not be here without the dedication and commitment of the numerous parties involved in teaching me and sharing their knowledge. I have accumulated knowledge and wisdom from so many amazing people, but I would like to call out Svet Radev. He was my first manager on CCL and through the years, he played a key role by sharing his thoughts and experiences which aided in my journey. I joined GCO as a child wishing to see the world and now, I have achieved everything and more than I could have imagined 12 years ago. I am extremely grateful and wish many more happy years to come for both myself and loved ones, and to all within this large and diverse family.