Rising Above – Sachin Mane

Sachin Mane

Assistant Casino Manager

I have been with GCO for 16 years. Without the assistance and cooperation of the casino department and the onboard staff, the position of Assistant Casino Manager would not be possible. The most recent Galaxy updates on the tables make the job more exciting and interesting. The challenge of adding additional games and configurations to slots and new arcade projects is very exciting.

The entire management team who assisted me during my training have been instrumental in my growth. I would like to thank Casino Manager Renato, Alois, Rakesh, Kevat, and David Spangenberg. I would also like to thank Simeon and Yvette Dipasupil for sharing their wonderful experiences and making me feel like one of them. I also want to express my gratitude to my wife, Shivona, for her constant encouragement.

Being a fully promoted Assistant Casino Manager marks the exciting start of a new path. This comes with increased responsibility and trust, which I must maintain in order to build healthy relationships with the team and guests. In addition, I want to advance within the organization and fulfill my next goal of becoming a Casino Manager.