Rising Above – Omar Gonzalez

Omar Gonzalez

Casino Manager

I was hired in 2014 and assigned to Holland America and moved to CCL in 2017 for a total of 10 years with GCO. For me, the fact that I am able to guide and help the staff is one of the most satisfying feelings as whenever I see them growing and moving forward professionally and personally it makes me feel that I’m growing and making a difference in their lives and in mine as well.

I have been very fortunate to work as an Assistant Manager for some of the most experienced managers. Every single one of them have shared priceless knowledge with me. The sum of all of that is what has had the most influence on my growth with GCO.

As I’m nearly 25 years into working in the gaming industry, I have to admit that I have come to acquire multiple skills that help me to be successful with all my duties. However, living and working with all the amazing people that I have met over the last 10 years on ships has given me the skills to carry on with my life in a much more successful way.