Rising Above – Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams


I started my journey with GCO over 14 years ago where I joined my first CCL ship, Carnival Conquest, as a Cashier 2.  It was within that contract I realized that I really enjoyed working and travelling, therefore I set higher goals for myself so that I could one day achieve the position of Casino Manager. In 2011, on the Carnival Paradise, I began training as a dealer and continued to work towards my long-term goal. I worked hard, gained experience, and moved up the ranks in the various brands CCL, HAL, PCL.

It has continued to be a learning curve for me throughout my journey and being open to change has benefitted me. In my leadership role, my top priority is to create a fair work environment where all team members feel valued and can share ideas on how we can improve as a team. I have worked with many leaders throughout my journey and the knowledge gained from each has molded me into the leader I am today.

GCO has shown me great support throughout by investing in my growth and expanding my knowledge through programs that benefit both myself and the team. Getting to where I am today has not only been by my hard work and motivation but also with the support and recognition of GCO leadership. With that being said, I owe a big thank you to my big brother who remains my role model in my life who supported me, guided me and remained by my side.

I would like to thank GCO for investing in me and helping grow. I look forward to many more successful years with the company and aspire to achieve even more in the years ahead.