Rising Above – Maricel Kilayco

Maricel Kilayco


Over the 17 years I’ve been in the company (and still counting), what I have truly enjoyed are the friends that I’ve made from around the world. The diversity in cultures and beliefs has been an experience that is truly enriching and rewarding. These are things that you don’t learn in school or read in books but only learn through experience. Also, the places I have been to, which were just part of my dreams before (I am a die hard James Bond fan who dreamt of going to the places where he has been to…except the moon), is something that is priceless. Also, to all my co-workers (there are too many to mention) who’ve always told me that I can go far, who believed in me, they are all awesome. They are my inspiration and my living testament that I know what I’m doing.

I am thankful for being part of a company that continually evolves for the better and who truly loves, cares and looks after its employees. Thank you GCO for all this opportunity.

Lastly, to my two boys, my son and my partner, who complete me and continue to be my strength, I owe this to them.