Rising Above – Luisito Mendoza Antonio

Luisito Mendoza Antonio


I started my career with GCO in October 2006. I’ve been with the company for 16 years now.

The trust and confidence of my superiors have been a powerful source of empowerment. I see that my insights and decisions are valued, and that I have support to take on challenges with confidence and determination. I feel empowered knowing that I can make an impact on my team and guide them on their professional journeys and, of course, taking on this new position allowed me to continuously learn and grow. I am excited about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and I look forward to contributing further to the team’s success.

The most influential person in my growth would be Fleet Casino Manager Piotr Gill. His guidance and support have played an essential role in helping me develop both personally and professionally. I have gained valuable skills and the confidence to embrace the challenges of running the casino operation. I am grateful for his influence on my journey, and I carry the lessons I learned as I embark on my new role.

It had always been my dream to work on a cruise ship, and though I started my ship life at the age of 34, I quickly realized that it was never too late to explore places I had only ever seen in movies. My journey to discover the world unfolded when I was assigned to HAL, and with each contract, I found myself having different itineraries. This has allowed me to witness the beauty of the world beyond my imagination.