Rising Above – Ka Po Shing

Ka Po Shing

Fleet Cage Manager

I started my career with Global Casino Operations in 2013 onboard the Rotterdam.

I feel most empowered by the support from my teammates and leadership. Having a collaborative team ensures smooth operations and effective problem-solving. Additionally, strong leadership provides clear guidance and resources, fostering a positive work environment. Internal training programs and ongoing professional development also play a crucial role in enhancing my skills and confidence.

The most influential people in my growth have been my leaders and mentors who have shaped me into the leader I am today. They have not only trained me but also inspired me with their wisdom, guidance, and support. Their mentorship and belief in my potential have empowered me to overcome challenges, develop my skills, and ultimately become a confident and effective leader. I am grateful for their guidance and the invaluable lessons they have imparted on my journey of growth and development.

In my free time, I love to read. I also enjoy watching TV series and movies. However, what truly captivates me is my deep love for astronomy. I’m fascinated by the vastness and beauty of the universe, constantly in awe of its mysteries and complexities.