Rising Above – Illia Hrynov

Illia Hrynov

Assistant Casino Manager

I have been with Global Casino Operations for 11 years. The support from my colleagues, the recognition of my contributions, and the constructive advice I receive when needed are what empower me the most. These interactions show that people genuinely care, creating a motivating work environment.

So many have significantly impacted my career. I am particularly grateful to Alex Tatu, who believed in me and supported me from the start, and Renato Ecarwan, whose unwavering support and wise advice have been invaluable; we always say “You cannot please everyone” but I believe, somehow, he has mastered the art of doing just that.

I have always believed in the importance of acknowledging even the smallest actions of others because such recognition can powerfully motivate and inspire them to accomplish remarkable things. I make it a point to incorporate this belief into my everyday interactions.