Rising Above – Georgiana Istrate

Georgiana Istrate

Fleet Marketing Supervisor

I started with GCO in November 2014 as a casino dealer at the same time as my boyfriend, now husband, Alex. It was our dream since we meet in 2009 to join Carnival, we had no idea what we would be good at, but always had the desire to learn more and get better every day personally and professionally. Our growth, learning, and training experience started during our first contract in 2018 when we got promoted to Supervisor 3. In 2019, I joined the roving team, and 2023, I started training for the marketing supervisor role.

We felt empowered by our managers onboard because they always created a supportive environment where feedback was constructive, and they always made us feel secure and motivated to grow. Also, knowing that my contributions are appreciated and that I have a team to rely on is incredibly empowering.

I really want to say that every manager and colleague that we’ve worked with has helped us grow and learn new skills every day. I don’t want to overlook anyone when mentioning names, because the list is very long.

The most influential person on my career has been Troy Kennedy. He is an amazing leader, always inspiring and motivating us to be better. His mentorship, support, and guidance have been important in shaping my professional path and I am deeply grateful for everything he has done for us.

Last and certainly not least, I would never be here without the support of my husband, he has always pushed me to be my best self, encouraged me to believe in myself, and pursue my goals.

I am very grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have brought me to where I am today.