Rising Above – Deyan Stoyanov Apostolov

Deyan Stoyanov Apostolov

Fleet Casino Manager

I have happily been a part of the GCO family for 16 years starting my amazing journey in 2008 on Carnival Imagination as a Casino Dealer. I have always felt supported in all my time within the management team. The GCO Operations team have always been approachable and trusting of me and this, in turn, has made my growth within GCO a very positive experience. It would be very hard for me to point out just one person that I have had the pleasure to work to with. I have had several positive influences over the years here and this has molded me into the person that I am today. I originally started in the Restaurant department in 2005. I found out that there was a casino college at home, so I attended and passed the training and returned to Imagination as a Trainee dealer from there is where my current career path started.