Rising Above – Del Pilar Espino

Del Pilar Espino

Casino Manager

I began my career with GCO in November of 2006 as a casino dealer on the Carnival Holiday, which sailed out from Mobile, Alabama. In 2009, I was promoted to a supervisor and spent most of my contract in PCL. In 2014, I had the opportunity to join the management team, and after a few years, I was reassigned to a larger operation to gain more experience as an Assistant Casino Manager on PCL. Drawing from the knowledge I acquired from experienced managers, I was given the opportunity to handle my own operation starting in 2019.

Empowerment within my role took various forms. First, the unwavering team support—both in terms of encouragement and morale—felt like a treasure. My teammates demonstrated their appreciation for my leadership, which fueled my motivation to coach them effectively. Additionally, the guidance from seasoned Fleet Managers who mentored me significantly shaped my journey. Lastly, the enriching experience at the Las Vegas conference, with its focus on leadership enhancement, left a lasting impact. This was followed by Coach Hub, a powerful tool that GCO HR rewarded me with, helping me unlock my full potential.

The most influential person in my growth? That would be Jaque Poirier, the Director of Operations. He taught me that managing a casino isn’t just about odds; it’s about the team. Jaque’s leadership style emphasized collaboration, empathy, and fostering a sense of unity among our team. He believed that when the team thrives, the casino thrives. His open-door policy encouraged us to share ideas, solve problems together, and celebrate victories collectively. Thanks to Jaque, I learned that true success lies not only in the cards dealt but also in the relationships we build.

“Final bet?” We all make mistakes, and these experiences only make us stronger—they’re valuable learning opportunities!