Rising Above – Astida Fernandes

Astida Fernandes

Cage Manager

I started my career with Global Casino Operations in 2015 as a dealer. I was blessed to have a role of Dealer/Cashier in 2016. I am always being motivated by GCO to better myself. In order to grow, we must learn. GCO allows this by living by our culture essentials. I have the opportunity to grow and learn everyday with our guests and my teammates.

There are many individuals within our company who have believed in my abilities and potential and helped propel my career forward at times when I have doubted myself. My gratitude goes to all of them for sharing their time, efforts, and knowledge. Especially my mentors who help me grow and develop including Cg Martin Lobo & Cg Jenny Penna for their guidance, trust, and patience throughout my training. Piotr Gill for believing in me, and also a big thanks to my partner Lalhmangaihsangi fnu (Matetei) who has always been supportive and encouraging and has motivated me during my journey to keep me focused.