Ocean Casino Jobs – Recruitment Site

GCO’s recruitment team took a big technology leap into the 21st century with the rebuild of the GCO Recruitment Site that went live on July 21st.

The main objective for this project was to have a centralized platform that included every step in the recruitment process all in one location. Potential candidates may now learn more about us, fill out their application, communicate with us through the website – a one-stop shop where the applicant’s message history and actions, and our team’s responses in assisting potential candidates, is visible.

In months to come this website will continue to see enhancements that will be pertinent to all team members current, returning, and new.

Go visit, www.oceancasinojobs.com, you will see a completely new look and feel with fluid movement of the GCO teams doing what they do best in their ‘shipboard home’– delivering unique experiences for our guests and creating their own personal memories across the world.