Rising Above – Krissalin Bautista

Krissalin Bautista

Cage Manager

My journey with GCO started on board the Pacific Princess in 2016. I’ve since been blessed to work on the ships of CAU until 2020, where I held the Bingo Coordinator Role, while also training for Dealer/Cashier. I was promoted to the Dealer/Cashier role in 2018, and I am currently working onboard CUK since return to service.

I am motivated by being part of something bigger than myself. GCO allows me to find myself and better myself. I believe that to GROW, we first need to LEARN. GCO supports this through the various platforms within our Culture and our Pride Essentials. I have the opportunity to grow everyday thanks to the interactions with our guests, great professionals (both past and present) and the young talents I work with daily; I can make my skills and knowledge available to others both in my daily work and in more formal occasions such as training.

I would like to take this opportunity to give substantial thanks and credit for my growth and development to CG’s Ailyn Barte and Reinalyn Calma for their guidance, trust and commendable patience throughout my training, and to Lyndon Thompson for supporting me all throughout my journey with GCO.