Crew Testimonials

Artwell Chidhakwa, Casino Cage Manager

We are loving the Merchandise Sales Inventory Screen here on Nieuw Amsterdam. SURF merchandise sales are way better than CMAS. The Tile view is amazing, it makes it easier to find and select scratch cards when processing sales. We are saving 15 to 30mins of time on closing now because we don’t have to manually write merchandise sales and prizes receipts. There is now less room for posting mistakes going unnoticed because of controls and double checks that comes with it. The reports that go with it now make it easy to track merchandise sales and prizes any time. All we can say is the merchandise sales screen has efficiently improved the way we account for merchandise sales and prizes.


Jennylyn Paculan, Casino Cage Manager

With the SURF merchandise sales screen, selling is more fun & exciting as cashiers can easily choose the correct type of scratch cards from the colored picture of the merchandise. The sale process really stands by the SURF acronym making the merchandise sale process a Serving Up Reward and Fun, more time productive and error free process. Additionally, no need to write manual receipts for each sales and balancing is so much faster and easier.


Richard Espinoza, Casino Cage Manager

From my own perspective, merchandise sales screen provides a better option to post our sales for Scratch cards sales/prizes, Paradise lotto sales/prizes and Bingo prizes much easier and I would say more accurate, too. If i would compare with CMAS, I would say it is much better due to there is no need to do manual receipts that sometimes takes time to prepare or reviewed, cashiers were sometimes writing the wrong sales or getting confuse when we have busy cruises with high level of sales (I include myself). With SURF, it is easier to post the sales at the moment we are doing the transaction, we can make charges to folio or CWA on the same screen which save us a lot of time during the process. Also, Merchandise sales reports is basically I great option to review our sales during the day making balancing the bank easier.


Mariya Ivashchenko, Cashier

“I love using the Merchandise Sales’ screen on SURF. It’s a very good platform; very easy to navigate and operate. Keeping track of sales is a lot simpler. It also eliminated the need for us to manually write down petty vouchers/receipts.”