Celebrating Excellence December

Mark Cariaga – Leader of the Month

Mark seeks to assist anyone in need, be it the patrons having casino queries, or the team under his observation, in order to help them grow professionally. He also ensures that the casino slot floor is in top condition in order to provide the best possible guest experience. Mark sets a fair and inclusive tone when guiding the technical team that’s under his observation. He is aware of the individual technical capabilities of each of the casino technicians and guides them accordingly, in order to enhance their overall knowledge and performance. He follows up on the training he provides to his team. He delegates duties to the technicians not only to get the job done, but also to help them get exposure and thus gain experience and know-how in the matter. He is proactive in not only keeping the casino and arcade running smoothly, but also seeking to enhance the guest experience via his interactions with them or by looking to smoothen slot-related casino processes. Mark is the go-to person when it comes to having the casino slot floor fully functional from a technical standpoint. He is however open to feedback and suggestions pertaining to the aesthetics of the casino and he acts upon them swiftly, ultimately providing a better overall guest experience. The way Mark carries himself around the casino recommends him as approachable and understanding. He is patient and happy to share his knowledge with anyone seeking advice, which in turn helps the ones around him grow. He was also actively involved in a non-casino project related to installing a new system in the launderettes, aimed as well as enhancing the guest experience; a job that he approached with the utmost of professionalism and openness to interdepartmental cooperation. We are fortunate to have Mark as a member of our team. He is a great team player and overall, a great person, whose input for the operation is nothing short of invaluable.


Nikka Santiago – Leader of the Month

Nikka fosters a welcoming environment where everyone who enters the casino venue will feel welcome and appreciated. This gesture encourages a sense of community and helps create a warm and welcome environment for everyone engaged. Nikka exemplified the Carnival value of friendly interaction through her amiable demeanor, smiling, and using guest’s names. These actions created a warm and unique experience for both players and team members, fostering positive connections, approachability, and a kind atmosphere. Addressing individuals by their names demonstrated respect and acknowledgment, contributing to a welcoming environment that aligns with the Carnival value of engagement. Nikka arranges diversity-focused events and team-building activities, promoting inclusion and teamwork. These range from group outings where colleagues share customs and experiences that encourage friendship. These initiatives allow coworkers to interact, learn from each other, and feel a sense of belonging within the team. She is consistently showing deep consideration and care for the well-being and dignity of those around her. Her commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive environment reflects her dedication to upholding these fundamental values. She is also actively engaging in open, empathetic communication and consistently seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge. Her commitment to understanding and adapting to diverse perspectives underscores her dedication to fostering a culture of growth and collaboration. Whenever a guest expresses frustration about long wait times for drinks in the casino, Nikka didn’t dismiss the feedback but instead took immediate action by contacting bar management to deploy additional bar staff, resulting in improved service efficiency and guest satisfaction. Similarly, when guests raise concerns about the warm casino environment, Nikka promptly contacted the on-duty refrigeration staff to have the air conditioner fixed, demonstrating her commitment to enhancing the overall operation and ensuring a positive experience for all visitors. She has been known to shield dealers from rude players, ensuring a respectful and professional atmosphere at the casino tables. Additionally, she takes proactive measures to address situations where guests use foul language, as it can make other players uncomfortable. By doing so, Nikka contributes to a more enjoyable and welcoming environment for all guests, emphasizing her commitment to enhancing the vacation experience. Nikka is a dedicated and inclusive team member who embodies the Carnival Values. She warmly welcomes guests and colleagues, making them feel like part of the Carnival family. Nikka engages with others by being friendly, smiling, and using names, creating a positive and personalized experience. Nikka demonstrates the Culture Essentials behavior of Respect and Protect, treating others with dignity and ensuring their safety and well-being. She actively supports her team members and strives to enhance the guest vacation experience through personalized service, problem-solving, a positive attitude, and continuous learning. Nikka’s actions have a positive impact on both colleagues and guests, contributing to a harmonious work environment and leaving guests feeling valued and satisfied.