Celebrating Excellence

Renato Jr. Ecarwan – Leader of the Month

Renato always leads by example; he walks the talk by putting his words into action. Renato can be seen meeting and greeting all of the crew and guests showing trust, care and respect for each other, our ships and the environment. During start up, we have seen Renato actively participating in all the aspects of the job, whether it must be moving machines, cleaning etc, and made the entire team under his supervision feel that he is one among them. Renato always respects and protects the team, regardless of rank or nationalities. He is fair to everyone and makes it easier to approach him for any guidance or help. Renato communicates well within the team, making them feel important by including them for any suggestions or areas of improvement. Renato has always listened to feedback; he spends ample time to listen to the feedback, and as a result, he has promoted and recommended many of the potential staff for carrier advancement. Renato always makes himself available for his team and guests, making sure that team members are having a wonderful contract and guests are having a FUN and memorable vacation onboard Venezia. From the transition of Costa Venezia into Carnival Venezia, Renato has stood positive and led entire team successfully. He is a true leader, and he is worthy of noticing.