Career Highlight – Avinash Pereira

My journey with GCO started on 18th December 1993, onboard the Tropicale. Reflecting on my journey, it’s remarkable how swiftly thirty years have gone by. Despite the passage of time, the memories and experiences feel vivid and alive, as if they happened yesterday. It was always my dream to work on cruise ships and when I landed in Miami for the first time it was a mesmerizing experience.

We were a group of seven selected in the position of Casino Houseman. Our first interaction with team Carnival was through Carnival driver, Pedro, who drove us to Carnival headquarters so we could sign our contract and collect our uniforms. The very next day, one from our team was joining Ecstasy and Pedro was kind enough to let us accompany him to the port, this is when we saw our first Carnival ship, Ecstasy.

After joining Tropicale, I was made to feel at home by a great Management team, consisting of Janice Leonard, Casino Manager. Angela Green, Asst Manager. Brian Cousins, Head Tech. Gale Gorton, Book Keeper. It was an experience that set the tone for my entire career with Carnival, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie with the crew.

For my second contract I was assigned to Fantasy as Casino houseman but my career took off on my 3rd contract when I was assigned to Festivale as General Cashier. Within a couple months I was moved to Slot Attendant by Casino Manager, Jonathan Wyvill where I worked alongside Kevin Heath who was my Head Tech. We both closed the Festivale and subsequently converted it to Dolphin Cruise Lines, Island Breeze.

In 1998, I was promoted to Casino technician and was assigned to Ecstasy and was fortunate to act as Head Tech (SM was HT then) for a couple of months. In between I did short stints on Royal Viking Sun of Cunard and Costa Victoria of Costa as Head Tech.

I was promoted to Slot Manager on 5th April 1999 and was assigned to Jubilee. In 2004, I had the privilege of doing a new build Sapphire Princess in Nagasaki, Japan. All thanks to Dave Thomas for this opportunity. This was truly an amazing spectacle to witness Japanese dedication and workmanship in the Mitsubishi shipyard. The rest of the Management team for the startup was Steve Matatko, Casino Manager, Suzy Bokan Asst Manager and Zoe Bailey as Cage Manager.

After being promoted to Fleet Technical Manager, I was part of Breeze setup. Thanks to Chris and Milen for this opportunity. Ever since I have had the opportunity to work on our Corporate brands, completing various projects and dry docks. A landmark project for me till date happens to be the major dry dock on Carnival Legend in 2015, working alongside Savi. His work ethics and positive attitude even in times of adversities were truly inspiring.

I attribute much of my success in the casino industry to collaborative environment fostered by my peers and guidance by my leaders. Whether it was mastering new gaming techniques or staying updated on industry trends, I have consistently relied on collective expertise and support of my colleagues and my leaders shoreside. Their insights and encouragement have not only enhanced my performance but also inspired me to continually strive for excellence. Looking ahead, the journey with GCO promises to be interesting and filled with numerous opportunities for learning and growth. Each step of the way offers new experiences and insights, ensuring a rich and rewarding adventure.