Career Highlight – Annaliza Samson

Embarking on my career with GCO aboard the Carnival Paradise in the year 2000, my professional trajectory has been characterized by steadfast dedication and notable accomplishments. My ascent within the company included a significant milestone in 2006 when I earned a promotion to the role of supervisor, reflecting my commendable work ethic.

A temporary departure ensued due to family concerns, prompting me to carefully consider the delicate equilibrium between my professional responsibilities and family obligations. Motivated by both personal and family-oriented aspirations, I made a deliberate return to GCO and was subsequently assigned to Holland America Lines. Demonstrating resilience and determination, I advanced to the position of Senior Supervisor despite encountering challenges in my path.

In the wake of the pandemic, I embraced a new opportunity, undergoing training as acting assistant manager, a role that eventually transitioned into a permanent position. Amidst these accomplishments, I found that my journey became an inspiration to other staff, especially the new hires. My experiences served as a testament to the possibilities of growth and success within the company, resonating with individuals navigating their own professional paths. Eager to share my insights, I became a source of motivation for colleagues. As I continue my resolute focus on ascending the corporate hierarchy, I strive to serve not only as a symbol of achievement but also as a mentor and inspiration to my peers, cultivating a culture of excellence and determination.

Thank you GCO for believing in me and giving me this opportunity to develop my skills, you guided and made me strengthen my focus on all that I ever wanted to achieve. All my success and knowledge I owe to you.