2023 T.O.P. Awards Winner Highlight – Luis Ayala

My name is Luis Ayala, I am from Peru and I have been selected as Rookie of the year. I joined GCO in May of 2022.

During my first contract, I was a slot attendant which was one of my best contracts ever. Before I left the ship, I was promoted to Dealer 1 and then during my second contract, I was able to learn all the games. When I was 3 months in on the ship, I got promoted to Dealer 3. Now, this is my third contract, and I am an acting Host.

Being nominated as Rookie of the Year means everything to me. This means that someone who has a good heart, is always trying to help people, and wants to be successful in life, will be noticed and rewarded with good things.

This recognition makes me want to continue improving and learning. If someone were to ask me for a piece of advice, I would say that no matter how scary something may be, or how challenging it could be to go for a new position, you just have to go for it, because at the end you will realize that it was not as difficult as it may have seemed.

I want to thank GCO for giving me a job that I love and the opportunity to be part of this family. A lot of people who I have met have become like family to me.

I also want to thank David Spangenberg, who was my manager in my first contract, for being someone who believed in me and pushed me to be better and move forward. I also want to thank Carlos Lopez and Troy Kennedy for being such nice human beings and always being there if you need them. I also want to thank Adrian, a supervisor from Romania, for teaching me all the table games and being one of the best supervisors I have ever met. Last, but not least, I want to thank Mpho and Claricelle. Thank you!