2023 T.O.P. Awards Winner Highlight – Gift Chibale

My name is Gift Chibale. I come from Lusaka, Zambia located in the southern part of Africa. I joined GCO in June of 2022 as a Dealer 3 and from there, I have worked my way up. With the support from leadership team, I made it to AGD (Dealer 4) and I’m currently training for a supervisor position. My goal in the company has always been to work hard and become an example and a motivator to other team members, both new and seniors. When I joined the company, I had one thing in mind; to be great and to learn everything I can from the people around me. I learned all the games, including dice, in my first contract. On my second contract, I was promoted to Dealer 4 (AGD). I am currently on my third contract, and I am happy to say that I have begun my supervisor training.

Being recognized as Rookie of the Year is really a great accomplishment for me. Now I can really say that the future to achieve all my goals, including becoming a leader, is even brighter. Truly if you communicate, listen and learn, respect and protect, trust, improve, empower, and upgrade, you can become whatever you want in life. All of my appreciation goes to GCO for the opportunities I have been given to achieve these goals, and I aim to work even harder to become a leader that will motivate and help to move this company forward. Special thanks goes to the amazing people who helped me achieve my goals: Nicole Williams, Paul Genner, Stephanie and Kevin, and lastly Anthony.